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Gameserver: Mr.Green Surf server @ CSS


Country of origin: Finland, born in Eastern-Finland but living in West-F now.

Link to SteamCommunity profile: Link? You mean this, Steam website? The Steam rating is low, because I just got Source to work on Tuesday the 15th

Link to Xfire profile: This?

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My real name is Tarmo, with sharp R, my friends in California didn't know how to say my name and they said the reminds the word "tomorrow". Im only child of our family, and I have one dog as a pet.

I go to comprehensive school and Im in 9th grade, my grades are normally 8(math, biology etc) and some parts are 9, like english and ATK(eng. automatic data processing).

I also took english for and extra subject too so Im pretty good at it, I dont know all the rare words and how they are typed, so I type them like I say them and ask people to correct me if I write them wrong.

After comprehensive school I'm going to high school, I don't know what kind of because I'm not sure what I want to be yet. I've been thinking of staying in the Army for work.

After school, I normally come straight home, eat something and get on computer, except in summers now, I'm getting my own light motorcycle next summer(I hope), so I'm gona drive it too.

I'm still gona remain active on the server and forums, maybe 2-4 hours a day. I cant be on computer so much on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My music taste varies, I mostly listen to rock or classic rock, I also like slower songs if the time is right, I dont like heavymetal, at least if they just yell = cant hear the lyrics.

Favorite has been Iron Maiden for a long time, and I've been on one of its concerts, here in Finland.

I've been playing CSS after a while it came out, and before that I played CS 1.6. My other favorite games are FO3, BF2 and console games(a lot of them).

In CSS I use the name ]TF[Nobana - SuklaaKuolema, sometimes I switch the "SuklaaKuolema" to how Im feeling at the moment(Tired, bored etc.)

I don't play in any other servers than the Mr.Green surf and Mr.Green Minigames, both on CSS. I find the normal maps boring. I've been active in the forum's and IRC since joining here.

It's really annoying when there's AFK'rs in the server and if his the last man standing, the enemy just keeps looking for him forever, and not even thinking that his AFK(And in worst case scenario, you cant even get to enemy spawn to kill him).

The server need's admins. When one admin is at vacation/etc. the other/others would do his job.

If there's still something you like to ask, just ask, I'll answer as best as I can.



Nobana, XpateX(<account)

Xbox Live gamertag:

WhiteDeath FIN

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