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Mrgreen Team Tournament !!!

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Welcome dear Mrgreen and Race Community

I would like present new special event called ''Mrgreen Team Tournament'' and I Invited 4 teams SKC,SiK,LSR and NKC. Its something new here and I know it can be weird because Mrgreen never organized similar events like this but I try my best :D . all matches will play on ''Mrgreen Event Server (mtasa://event.mrgreengaming.com:22003)'' and all players are welcome to spectate . event starts 29 and 30 July ( its Saturday and Sunday) and rielies on trained/picked maps rule as was long time ago


SKC vs LSR 30.07.2023 19 CEST

NKC vs SiK 30.07.2023 20 CEST


1.All teams pick 5 maps on their match and they have send map files to organizers if they are not on main server
2.Maps can't be shorter than 1 minute or longer than 6 minutes.
3.Main Server will be Mrgreen Event Server (if it can't be realized there then the tournament will be held on another server).
4.Cheats are not allowed and will results in a ban from the event and server.
5.Modded Cars are not allowed excluding custom maps (for example Sabre Turbo Race Series).
6.During a tie teams will play one random map from the list which they picked (or more if its necessary).
7.All maps must be accepted by the organizers.
8.Team squad must be accepted by organizers.
9.In case of impersonating another person, the player will be banned from the tournament.
9.1. If the team knows about the breaking of rule 9, it will be disqualified.


See ya on Mrgreen Event Server ;) 



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I would like thank you NKC and SiK for came on match, I hope server wasnt annoying for you but I know we must add Carfade and fix spectators role,sadly LSR canceled match with SKC so match about grand final will fight SKC and SiK. We decide with leaders about 3 weeks break so next match will be play 20 August


SKC vs SiK 20.08.2023 20 CEST 


See ya in next Sunday ;) 


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This event finally came to the end congratz SKC for taking first place sadly SiK  canceled 3 hours before match so I was forced to organize my team from ''Polish Paradise'' I would like thanks NKC and SKC for be on match and its my message for LSR and SiK : next time if you dont planning come on match give me information a few days before match not few hours, dont waste my time, yours and second team which training especially for the game. I wanted organize in future similar events with Alpha and Vanillia maps but I dont see sense now


Scoreboard 📶

1. 🥇 Sofa King Cool

2.🥈 Speed is King

3. 🥉 National Kings Crew

4.🏅 Legal Street Racers

cya later on other events 🤐

Final match between SKC and PP enjoy :


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