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26-08-2023: Z3ITM4NN presents Random Mastery One

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Z3ITM4NN's first Attempt for the Mix Players on MrGreen and for everyone that is interested into [NTS] (Random Vehicle Change on Checkpoint) or just wants to have alot a Fun.

This Event is Similar to UVM, just that it is random and includes a few Maps with additional Core Markers (Pickups).

-Date: 26.8
-Startingtime: 19 CEST
-Server: MrGreen Event Server
-Duration: 1h pure playtime, 1h 30Min to be expected with mapchanges and slow finishes.

[NTS][RM|One|01]Los Santos
[NTS][RM|One|02]San Fierro
[NTS][RM|One|03]Las Venturas
[NTS][RM|One|04]Core Markers
[NTS][RM|One|05]LS Laps
[NTS][RM|One|06]Dirty Roads
[NTS][RM|One|07]Shuffle Circuit
[NTS][RM|One|08]Core Markers Laps
[NTS][RM|One|09]Streets of San Andreas
[NTS][RM|One|10]SF Laps
[NTS][RM|One|11]Cross Country
[NTS][RM|One|12]Water and Air
[NTS][RM|One|13]Core Markers Circuit
[NTS][RM|One|14]Random meets DD
[NTS][RM|One|15]The Random Circle
[NTS][RM|One|16]LV Laps
[NTS][RM|One|17]Circuit de Randomness
[NTS][RM|One|18]Laps of San Andreas
[NTS][RM|One|19]Water and Air Laps
[NTS][RM|One|20]Random meets DD ft. Core Markers

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Thanks everybody for playing!

1st Mateoryt.8} #11303: 181
2nd WorkableSkunk44 #25572: 168
3rd Maldonado #31248: 146
4th Lukas#8 #34758: 109
5th CnT|WitchyER #24343: 105
6th THEMoroccanJOB. #5858: 73
7th V4POR #28901: 66
8th shortcat #2373: 58
9th AoS|H!TY #17260: 56
10th Verstarbene #28689: 54
11th gustav. #28770: 53
12th Patro #31694: 49
13th martin11 #3164: 47
14th Nick_026 #22614: 41
15th AleksCore #31403: 41
16th [SKC]JrMan #1095: 29
17th Ganyu#8 #34940: 28
18th heisenberg #34709: 23
19th CnT|Cena #14817: 20
20th NGR|HardVadr #2166: 9
21st NGR|Oupla #30815: 8
22nd helloCREEP #31334: 7
23rd Slajdzik #34777: 4
24th Kerm1sh #34704: 1

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