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Banned on Discord

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1. Discord name: GreenCreep

2. Date of ban: 10th May, 2022

3. Banned on: Mr. Green Discord Server 

4. Banned by: Don't remember

5. Reason for the ban: Sent a Gorilla text bubble image. 

6. Reason I should be unbanned: I shall no longer send Gorilla or Ape text bubble images and shall follow the rules. I was also asked to appeal by November, 2022 so I guess the ban duration is over. 



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I'll pretty much skip the 3/10 post effort and the fact you don't even know why you were banned, because it's not really important.

You were indeed asked to appeal in the future, however your ban has never and WILL never expire on it's own. I expected your post after Aleks got his last chance, but my mind hasn't changed since the last time and is unlikely to change in the future, so your appeal is declined.


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