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Hi, i saw on the CS:S server you guys are looking for admin(s), i saw other topics that some were declined because there was a merge coming, but than, the merge didn't continue.

Anyway, i play alot on the CS:S server, im in the top10, so you can see how nolife i am.

my english is not perfect, but i think good enough. as they say, practice make perfect ;D.

Im born on 24 apr 1992, so im 17.

I like to listen to metal,rock,hardstyle,trance,house,dance.

I live in Holland.

If i have admin what exactly are you gonna do with it:

Well first of all, not abuse it :).

Second, kick afkers, some afkers are 15 min afk, and the T's are still looking for him. and probably kicking telecampers that are camping all the time.

Third, well, Being nice to everyone?

Well if you wanna know more of me, Feel free to ask.



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