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Hey, well here is the info you need to know:

Gameserver: Mr.Green CSS #1 | SURF |LEFT4GREEN.COM (ip-

Age: 14

Country of origin: England

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014291477

Link to Xfire profile **: http://www.xfire.com/profile/jstar101/

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Now onto the more interesting part.

Many of you wouldn't know me, my real name is Jordan but you will see me as Jstar on all of my games. I am fairly new to CSS but eager to make a good immpression.

Before playing CSS i played SWBF 2 for a few years playing in many clan wars and ESL matches untill finnaly playing CSS for the first time and have never gt off it since :P

Since i have started playing CSS Mr. Greens surf server has always been in my favourites and i believe is the best surf server. On an average day i will be going to school but will be online in the morning and night for as long as i can and at the weekends you will see me ALOT :)

I have nearly finished school now i have got my GCSE's coming up in the next year or so, looking forward to getting to spend more time on the computer.

So why would i be a good admin??

I have lots of experience being an admin in around 5-6 SWBF servers(hard work but all went well) As i have had experience i will know what to do in certain situations that a new admin might not.

Also clearly i can be trusted with the role of being an admin.

A main thing i have noticed in the CSS server is people being afk which can cause alot of problems and has made me wait along time before :( i would be happy to move them into spectators to keep them ouy of the way.

I am running low on things to say now...

anything else i can think of i will edit in but for the time being if anyone has any question i wil be happy to answer them :)


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Indeed, really small detail. Oh and who are you? Hell, what's with these 1st first posts are always admin applications. YOu know that you need firstly to let us to know you. More activity on forum and shiz and we have more better look of you.

Oh and nice Xfire profile, 19 age, eh? Heh. Sorry sorry.

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