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[Turrets] The rotation always fucks up! :p


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Hey guys I'm new to the forum,

I just got engineer lvl2 so I have a turret, and I heard that there have been some changes to the turret yesterday.

You can't place them in mid-air anymore, well I can live with that, but I get sick of the rotation of my turret.

It looks like the rotation/angle of the turret is random? I want to be able to eg make it oversee a door or something, so I aim it that way. I would expect the turret to start 'scanning' that area now, but instead it aims at a completely different direction, so sometimes it aims at a wall etc. :blink:

How to fix/work around this?

Thanks. :rolleyes:

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doesn´t the turret turns arround 360° ?

But turrets need now some more power or a health regen and an longer range.

Placing them at walls would be cool too.

Btw: Welcome Critter

My turret 'scans' in a 180 degrees direction, so if I place it and it decides 'Lets rotate to the wall', it will rotate 90deg left, restore rotation (to the wall) and rotate 90deg right.

If a zombie comes close (but the zombie is outside his scanning area), it will start flipping because it's trying to both hit the zombie and stay inside it's area.

I remember you have a turret too Holy? You don't have any problems with it? :o

And thanks. :)

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Ahem, so you expect to place them in mid-air like Holy does? over-seeing the entire zombie spawn..

Edit: Expect some changes to the class system .. and how their items work

Nope, I place them on the floor, I know that you can't place them in mid-air anymore. :P

They place fine, but they always scan a different area than I want them to do.

Example of me placing a turret at the top of a ladder.

The green arrow is the direction I was looking to when I placed the turret. The red area is the area it starts to scan.


It should scan the area I aimed in instead of setting a random angle. :(

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