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Im requesting to admin aplication at mta.

Age: 15 (not 19)

Country: Portugal

Hobbies: Basket, school, be with friends and play a bit of mta

Servers i play: Mr.green and Team-NeO beeing on mr.green more often.

Reasons i am aplaying: i am prety active and you guys may see me as Poittry or Retard (retard is the name i comun use). i help (kinda hard of someone that insults me cuz of my name) , i was admin on Team-NeO for 1 year on multi games (SA-MP, MTA and Left 4 Dead) so i know what it takes when i need to take action. I just really thing u guys need admins fast. for a server as much popular as MR.Green, always beeing full and constantly with some hackers, blockers etc... and only having 3 online admins. And some of the times they arent there. They do a great job, yh, but 3?? admins only..

I recently quited Team-NeO.

I undertand spanish, also french and english.

Im trying to go on IRC more often, as you guys may see that. =)

A little of my gamming history: I started in 2006 playing on SA-MP when a friend of mine showed me online gamming. became VIP an then Admin in less than 6 months on Team-NeO sa-mp server. I was online when i could but sa-mp lost popularity.Played sa-mp until 2009, March or something, when i got Left 4 Dead. Got accepted as Left 4 Dead VIP, cuz i wasnt that much active... Duo to the release of Left 4 Dead 2, most of the players went there.. and cuz of my small free space in hard drive, i started to play MTA more times (cuz i already was playing MTA but not that often). I applyed and got accepted on MTA adminship but as i left the team i am now appplying for admin here. I found this server when i was searching for some cool servers. i entered this and its was really cool, had some good drivers but... the major problem that lack of admins, so after playing 2 months on this server i am applying.

i already changed this 3 times lol dunno what i can had more =/

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Look at this, since you missed the huge topic title.


[taken from that topic]

Admin candidates and admins must read and post on the forums and IRC channels often. We don't want admins who are unactive at the forums and/or IRC channels.

Click here for more information about how to join our IRC channels.

This is important ^

It's very important. Don't ever bother making an application if you know you won't become active here.

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NOW for Six22 and Notte, why dont you go take a walk and stop beeing such trolls, no? Cuz if this is a joke.. its still none of ur bussiness.. =) thxnbay

Well... A gye named Retard, whit 0 post and a verry unserious Admin app on 20 words or some thing... No offend but look likr a bad joke for me...

Good you made it longer :D but i still think is to short and "messy" .

look at this apps, this is how a app shoud look like.




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