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TF2 craft game


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Being bored i browsed the Steampowerd forums and I came across the topic: TF2 craft game.

I just wanted to post it here for some people who are bored and have nothing else to do for a while tongue.gif

You have a empty backpack and you get drops (Difficulty changes the "Ingame time" like 1 second = 50 min ingame, harder = faster so more drops = more "omfgshit im gonna dieeee" moments)

The goal is to keep crafting and stop your backpack from flooding. (once its full, you die)

It uses the same drop rate and blueprints as in REAL TF2

Its like tetris meets TF2

According to the maker: Its like a little experiment to see what the average time is to get a drop, or just try to get the best score.

It's also really handy if you dont know all blueprints and dont want to risk your REAL items.

Easy: 1 sec is 25 min ingame (whimpy itsy bitsy practise mode)

Norma:l 1 sec is 50 min ingame (Default really..)

Hard: 1 sec is 83 min ingame (Lolwut STOP GIVING ME DROPS)

Easy : http://seanj.afraid.org/craft/

Normal : http://seanj.afraid....t/?intermediate

Hard : http://seanj.afraid.org/craft/?hard

IF you want to show off what score you got post this:


Amount of Hats (Optional):


Have fun I guess tongue.gif

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