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Hi :)

I started playing your server a few weeks back and i saw the admin application text but only thought to apply

for it today :)

So introduction, im 17 i play counter-strike from 1.1 for about 8-9 years i have played surf for about 3years

and i play zombie modes aswell. I dont curse but get on my nerves and i will F*** you up so bad you will cry in

a corner , i have some word in there ;)

My nationality is Lithuanian , i know full English can talk Russian and learning Japanese and French :)dont have

any hobbies that I do much but i do like to workout , bit of a drinker and a stoner but that souldnt be a problem :D

I play CS:S , CoD:MW2 , CS1.6 and Lineage2 but mostly CSS and i play it like.. alot :D everyday i come home from school

, work or outside i sit and play lets say from 5 to 7 morning :D

So i guess im finished :) too much info ?? sorry :D too little?? ask what you need :)

PS: Im writing this application as im playing in you server :D

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