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[MW2] Your favorite faction in multiplayer



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  1. 1. Which faction do you like most?

    • Rangers
    • Navy SEALS
    • Task Force 141
    • Spetsnaz (red camo thing)
    • Spetsnaz (winter camo)
    • OpFor
    • Brazilian Militia
    • I am a shitty boycotter and I deserve to die

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As we all know, the faction you play as doesn't really matter the gameplay, just your character's look.

But we all (prodably) like playing with some faction more than with the other.

What do you think?

Personally I prefer Brazilian Militia.

Their announcer reminds me of a talking rat, and the fact that they are just bigger-than-normal criminal gang in SP and in MP they got nukes and shit. :lol:

If only they had added Shadow Company to multiplayer.. :o

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Only thing Valve does, is make good games. All of the CoD's are exactly the same. Atleast Valve makes something new every time. Or atleast be creative.

*cough* L4D2 *cough*

It's a game series, I don't think Call of Duty would be Call of Duty with cartoon characters.

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