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I have been thinking about this for a While and i Finally popped the question,

do you think i should be an admin

Reasons; -Im active on the DoD:S server (wich im applying for) and the Infected Wars server

-If i say so myselve i am pretty good at DoD:S

-I know the rules and have alrdy seen some people breaking them

-I would love to keep the server a Mingebag-free-place

-I wont abuse the powers of an admin.

Also -my Position is 30 out of 8000+

-my ammount of points is 3000+

(i dont know if ^this^ improves my chance of becomming an admin)

Personal info, Name: Kaj v. Eijk

Age: 14 (06-10-1995)

Country: The Netherlands

Village: Oud-Beijerland

Sex: Male

Steam ID: "Hedra" STEAM_0:1:21576248

(If you find some spelling flaws its because im Language weak, something like being dislexic. Please tell me to improve my spelling if you find some flaws.)

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