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Server lag (?) on DoDS server


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I already told Ywa about it yesterday, but I'm making this thread because I wonder if it's just me, or that other players also experience lag spikes on the DoDS server, while their ping is pretty low.

There are many high pingers too though, I don't know if they are the cause. If they are, I'd love to see a ping-kicker because this lag is annoying. :s

I took a screenshot 5 minutes ago, look at the pings:


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Better quality @ last one. I don't see an issue here. It's about normal. They just have lagg. That's all.

First ones had good quality too, but those are thumbnails and they are low quality (click on them to enlarge).

Also, I just left the server, the lag annoys me too much.

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Look at all those pings above 100 and even one above 200. :s

What's wrong with it? Non-USA players...

Well, if they're causing the lag, it's disturbing. I thought high pingers caused lag (remember the MTA timez).

i have lag spikes on the dod source even if all the pings are low, it's strange and annoying. Random little lag spikes :( ...

Yeah, that's what I mean. :\

Just played some TF2 and lagged a bit there too. :s

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