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Iw Auto-Kick 60x


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Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "Mismatch: entities\meatrocket\shared.lua" This are new file on IW ? Admins oR Owner who add this please Fix this Bug I join to game and i Kicked From server For Reason "=" Its not Good please Fix this bug Hurry i no play This IW 3 days And i have More Bugs. Thanks For all Reply. "Sorry for me English".

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Sorry if this will be harsh, but why do you create another topic for the same problem you got recently?That mismatch meatrocket thingy, you already created a topic for that, so why not posting your problem "updates" in it instead of remaking topics?

Also, you did that too with another problem, with downloading maps I think, that's not practical because first, it obliges us to come back to your previous topic to see if something changed in your peoblem and what has already been done etc, and then if your problem is still exactly the same then it's a free topic, like a sort of spam.(creating a clone instead of continuing the older one :/ ).

My remark finished, for your problem that's strange, try to disable your firewall/antivirus for a test, maybe it blocks some files.

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