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  1. 1. Should we have an AFK kicker

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I've seen allot of AFK people so i think we should have an AFK kicker.

Also i think there should be a Camping penalty for No-MG/Sniper (since its ment for snipers and mg's to camp)because i just HATE people just sitting and waitng for you to come by again exept for snipers and MG's

Just post your opinion about this below XD

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Good idea. But CSS server had AFK kicker yesturday, and it kicked people who were dead too. If you die, and go get a glass of coke, it kicks you, just beacouse you dont write/click anything for a moment.

A improved version that kicks only living people would be good though.

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No. Sure, when somebody is assault/sniper and afk its really annoying because hes blocking the class. But I don't know if it would work perfect or kick (like nobana said) the wrong players. There should be no AFK kicker at the moment. Maybe when the problem really starts to annoy the others, then.

Camping is a part of the game. Rushing with a MG or Sniper is fail. You can try it though :)

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Rushing with a sniper ftw.

And the admin could kick the AFK players...

Oh and in Day of Defeat 1.3 you had some servers with an anti-camp tool. The screed began to fade to black when you weren't moving for a while. That's pretty good for the noob Assault proners, but not so good for people aiming with rifles.

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Camp is ok. For example in iw/zs you can save your ass like that.

Afk in Css is bad, BUT... What if that man gone in toilet or he needs to call someone? All that takes Max 5 min. Well, if that man gone outside for half-hour, then ofc do it auto-kick.

But yeah. There might be a voteafk (:V?) for that. [Yeah, there are noobs that votekick those players who actually aren't afk or they are on rage from some one and think that this guy hax/cheat... so maybe do something like that command?]

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