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SiK Knockout Tournament

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for all who wish to join

sorry if this isnt allowed, just wanted to see if anyone was interested

[siK]Rao is running this

I thought in a better form to do a champ. I will post my idea, then, you all say if it is good to put it on.

How It will Be:

1)It will be In the Recruit Server.

2)Everybody that want participate must warn me in this topic,cause i will create a list of who will be on.

3)When champ start,everybody who participate will receive a pm message with the password to enter in the recruit server(Don't give the password to ANYBODY that aren't participating).

The Champ

1)This will be divided in rounds. The objetive is dont be one of the last in the record's list each round.I Will create a special map(and simple,only with cps)every week that will be every round. Then,when the round ends,the persons that made the last records(4,3,2 i am thinking in it yet)will be eliminated. The Winner will be the last to stay,like a knockout challenge.

2)Everybody will have 1 week to do your best times,so you can join the server when you want,not in a time that some persons can't join the server and others can.It makes the tourney more just.


1)Max 30 persons in the champ

2)Don't use cheats/hack/mods

3)Everybody will receive by pm the same password,be sure to dont give it to anybody that aren't participating to don't mess the tourney.

4)Every round,persons will be eliminated

5)the maps that i will make will be specially preparated to be fun and difficult with no special constructions(as i suck in build roads,gps and etc)

6)Don't abuse you admin deleting records.(ex:use the /deletetime command to make you win the tourney.)

7) The people that didnt make any time will be automatically eliminated.

Persons Participating















Pls everybody that want participate write your nick and i will put in the participate list.I will give more details later.

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So, One week equals one round?

And the guy who is number 1in the records, will win and the 29 other players are elimated?

Will it reset every week or what?

i will update everyone on the new rounds, i think there is 3, the first one has just passed, cant join until then

i see SiK have left a bad impression here, i apologize, i am not like most of the other members, i like to help and have fun

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I'm definitely attending.

SiK on the whole, are a very positive and talented crew... like any other clan, they have members with all different skills and personalities.. personally, I like them all. Demon can be awesome.. really, u just have to understand him... and he's had a shitty 6 months, but shiz is lookin' up.. I think we've all been there.

It's great to see the amount of thought that's been put in since last championships, as the new format addresses the issues with grid lineup between rounds in a surprising way - it's gonna be interesting seeing how this approach goes.

Redgord - regarding the "clan boys" comments.. you understand clans are just collections of people that have often just banded up to centralize a skillset.. not something to look down upon just because you don't understand it.. SiK and DRuG are allies, who've begun to look kindly on this server - it'd be a real shame to see misunderstandings and negativity drawn outta a bunch of bullshit that nobody really understands the source of.

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thanks for sharing it full,but how was said before now the champ is already going.Maybe the next?

And It dont have any objetive of stealing mr green players,just to having some fun showing your skills in do records in the maps like a tournament should be.Is a different kind of fun.

And the Recruit server is like a reserved server and we are running the champ in it.

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Sounds like fun, but I hate even seeing the letters SiK so count me out.

Oh and tell Demon to remove the c*ck from his ass and he wouldn't be such an asshole.

Well i guess I deserve that, sorry for banning you, I was a little drunk and also pissed at something (I forget what)

It's a crappy excuse, but there it is.

I had forgotten about this until some dummy posted the hijack thing before he fully read the topic.

So I unbanned you now, but if you still hate me and never wanna speak to me again, I would understand.

I might do the same thing.

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