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Admin Application for CS:S - Fun/Minigames


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Gameserver: Counter Strike: Source - Fun/Minigames

Age: 15 (16 in 20 days)

Country of origin: Austria (Styria, Graz)

SteamCommunity profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/e216

Xfire profile: http://xfire.com/profile/euklid216/

Little something about myself and why I think I'm fit to be admin:

I've been playing on the CS:S Minigame server for at least two months or more now.

I play fair, don't voicespam, cheat or anything else.

My english is pretty decent and I think it's acceptable.

I've seen so many cheaters (mainly Speedhackers) and voicespammers and I really am tired of them.

I know I'm only 15 years old and sometimes unpatient but I would NEVER let that affect my 'job' as an admin.

And since I'm in an IT-class at school I'm nearly always online (24/7).

So, that's my admin application. I know it's pretty short but I don't really know anything more about myself.

It would be a great honour if I would be accepted and if not... well, that's fine too. I might try another time.

Best regards from Austria, Elias [e216]

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