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Mmm...I'll see if I like it. Downloading it.

Edit; testing.

Edit; Some parts seemed rather easy to dodge. Like that crushy thing at pretty near end. I didn't like obstacle course chose - (IF A CT got through) But that's just an opnion.

Looks decent to me.

IT had pretty many Press - Drop ones.

Some rather easy avoidable, not so hard ones.

I dunno, what would the topcrew think?

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Hey,iv been playing on Your Drun server on the CS:S Beta for the passed < 2 weeks,rather like it,just,i was gonna ask how often it gets updated :),i'm sorry to wake a old topic up but maybe a few new maps wouldn't be a bad idea if the eh"Top crew"would agree :).Thank you in advance.


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The Server is gone missing,if you see "Mr.Green............" please call STJ on Steam D:,Thank you in advance.

Reward:Fun times on CSS:B Druns :D

NO,anyways,woot happened to it,regular check-up,or eh adding maps? or you guys called it off D:?

Please inform the sad fans and regular players asap.

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