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Gameserver:Day of Defeat: Source Server


Country of origin:Germany


My name is Marcel, I'm 17 years old and... cmon you dont want to know it anymore ; ). My hobbies are codding and design websites (i still learning it) and i love to play video games.At first i want to be admin on ZS Server but this failed. So now I am trying to be admin on dod:s server its my second game i like to play after garry's mod and i think Carpileup need somebody to talk on this server.:D I know these annoying guys they sometimes join the server and making shit. So I think this server needs more than one admin.

Why i think i'm fit to be admin?

- I'm always friendly to the other players and try to help them when they have problems.

- When I see someone needs help in IRC channel, forum or server, then I'll try to be on the server as fastest i can.

- I'm a neutral player. Everyone has the same rights.

- Respecting the rules.

- I am very often ingame (sometimes at the nights)


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