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Unban Request - Seth


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I was banned by Hundred2 around 3 months ago for aimbotting on Mr. Green Fretta server.

I'm really sorry for aimbotting, since then I have learnt that the aimbot I was using ( a dll file ) is backdoored, and I had to re install Windows, so there's no way I'm using it again :P

It's been 3 months since I was banned, and I really think I should get another chance ( as I'm banned from all of the other servers too ), since I really enjoyed playing on Mr. Green servers.

My in-game name is Seth, SteamID is STEAM_0:1:23836998 .

Thanks for reading,



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Aimbot is aimbot.

I think we don't forgive hackers so your chance is small wink.gif

( as I'm banned from all of the other servers too )


You used a aimbot before. i warned you, someone posted a vid of you hacking again.

So you ignored my warning / abused my trust etc etc blabla


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When you play on our servers you accept the rules, you have an agreement to respect.And you didn't respect it, so there is no way you will get a pardon.

And even more, when you say that you're banned from all the other servers.

Next time just try to play as the others, without hacks. Why should we let a chance to hackers if they're unfair with the others?

I'll let the decision to Hundred since he banned you, that would be me I would deny your request, as I did with the other hackers I banned.

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