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new updates compliments and bitching and the idea you keep brushing aside like it doesn't matter :(

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so as promised ywa i left so i could bitch on the forum about the zombie survival server :P

so i joined today to see the howler and any other updates and i was horrified (over dramatic) to see what else has changed and what hasn't. i personaly love the howler and if you dont I DON'T CARE, it's a fun class to use as zombie and i dont want to see it contsntly bitched about as human and the used by the people who constantly bitch about it. i also like the new maps available and the map select system. now to do what i came here to do...BITCH.

so i like the new class but the other classes are a but messed up e.g etheral and chem so i was confused for about 5 mins until someone explained it to me lol. and the new spawning system for zombies has gone from one extreem to the other, skiping the non apparent middle ground. more zombie spawns would be good without going to the extreem of taking away the only thing i had left on the game the belief that a zombie can't come from behind me so now i cant turn around without ending up running into zombies that came from the middle of the room next to me.

also why havn't the supply crates been fixed? the stupid crates take my deagle and give me the 5-7 and then takes my axe or crowbar (even when i am Gordan Freeman) and then give me a plank. why doesn't it just hack at my knee caps instead of giving me the free poridge and blowjobs i was expecting. also i think that you should only be able to get the smg's from it instead of getting shotguns and assault rifles you can get if you wait. the only way you should be able to get better than the sub is if you buy something from the shop (new shop idea) or if you have redeemed.


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Uuuurgh, I'm too late for the update D:

What are the new maps?

play and find out because i don't know what maps are new and what maps have just made a reapearance since i started playing again on saturday after a 2 year break. but noir really pisses me off, not just the french name but the black and white on everything exept the HUD. in my oppinion the only good things to come out of france a croissants and daft punk

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Ahem... I am french :V

yea but your still in france i assume

Yes I am, but basically here, on this forum, it's not France, so I am not good :D Nor TF2's Spy :V Am I right?

Heh, why people is disturbed by french words? D:


We are going slightly offtopic :V

you start to get irritated by french words if you are forced to learn the language along with spanish for 3 years and then forced to take french for GSCE no matter how bad you are at it even though i have enough problems with english (im doing my GSCE's atm)

also the black and white but colour HUD irritates me (i suffer from random OCD)

but anyway i started this topic because i was gettin irritated by SOME of the new updates so back to lets get back on topic and bitch or find out if anything is going to be done about any of the highlighted problms

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