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Lag issue

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Today I saw this huge lagger and I felt bad for him, because I thought I'd jump out the window right away if my screen went shaking like that. But sometimes I do get paranoid when I pass someone who seems to be teleporting a few metres back out of the blue, because I'm afraid he can ram me any minute.

I agree that max ping can be lowered.

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Hmm, maybe something like: get kicked if your ping is over 350 and also get kicked if your average fps is below 10?

Btw it's not always about the ping or the fps, you can get ultra-rammed by desync too (as in someone's near you one second, and the next one he's in front of you), and this isn't something any of us can fix.

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i hate when people are infront of me for a sec then they are on top of me making me explode or almost make the race impossible to finish. blah.. yesterday i was almost to kick "player271" cuz he literely couldnt move, he was bumping and while almost all finished the map, he was at the middle of the map... that makes the gamming less fun =/

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Yes, lower ping.. They normally get kicked when they have over 1000 in ping..

Should be 200 max

What the *. then how the h*ll im gonna play on this server LOL at least 400 will be kicked.hey dude im in singapore.. :blink: Btw i have a bad issue with the lag of fps lately after changing my Nvidia G100 to a HD5570. the old one doesn't lag but the new one lags a lot. <_<

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