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I like to show you my zombie survival map.

The story:

On a rainy night, you find yourself in a summercamp terrorized by zombie's.

Fight for survival! only chance.

Map features:


-3 small houses

-a house with 2 floors with at the top 1 breakable window

-a observation tower

-a dock with a boat.

-small boathouse

-some barrles around the map

-lights can be shut down by zombie's.

-random zombie sounds to scare the crap out of people :D

extra info: this is made the way as a HL2:EP2 map is made. It is also a very dark map when zombie's broke all the lights.


Observation tower:




Door to house in the middle:



leave some comments so I can improve it.

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Well I tried to add a skybox but for some reason my real size skybox starts to glitch when I add a skycamera. :blink:

I'm gonna try again and make some changes to the light to see if I get a more usefull effect and I'm also gonna try with the skybox again. maybe its because of a leak somewhere... or something... :lol:

i'm also having some trouble with the fog. i made some changes to the distance but i get no effect. anyway...

zs_summercamp_v2 coming soon...

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