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Arena - Bigger mapcycle ideas?

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So. I've been playing on Arena alot, and it's getting abit boring for the same mapcycle.

As I want to find more maps for the mapcycle, I'll try to find decent ones that do are fun to play and do not give disadvanges to another team, and every single class is ment to be used.

As for - arena_harvest_v2


Heard of that thing in KOTH? It's that map. Just abit different.

It's an ARENA.



It's inspired by icyworld. Rounds end pretty quickly (Like in arena they are supposed to) But not too quickly.



- Reduced the amount of static props to improve performance

- Decreased the fade distance of static props to improve performance

- Generally improved framerates


Huge areas, lots of spaces to move. Maybe it's gonna be just sniper usage?

No idea.

Anyways, any critic is good. But no flaming. These are just some ideas.

Thank you.

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The map cycle is larger than the other servers. Personally, I don't see it as required.

You need to consider that they should also download these maps, and about 60% won't download a map, resulting in an less crowded or even empty server.

A few maps would do fine, but not 4-5 of them. I think PL needs more maps, not Arena.

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I'd be up for some extra maps on Arena. Valid point regarding 60% of the players would leave on a mapchange, but there's custom maps on the other servers...and they work.

One or two custom maps is fine IMO... As long as they're great maps. 60% of the players will leave, 40% will carry on to try this new map. That 40% will hopefully like it, and then in another game some of those people who've played the map previously might join another 40% of players who haven't played the map.

I think the maps we should try would be arena_harvest_v2 and arena_lighthouse_rc. Harvest because it's an official map ported over, thus it's a name thats recognisable; and Lighthouse because it's a map that I think would work well on Arena (I've played it before on PropHunt).

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Arena is fine, it's just the maplist.

It needs to randomize a bit, don't put Offblast after Nucleus. Because those are two Pyro infested maps.

Offblast is pretty crappy map. Don't think anyone really enjoys it and it always seems like the player count drops a bit whenever it comes around. I wouldn't mind seeing it go anyway.

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