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The IW update

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Started working on the IW code a lil'. Changes so far:

  • Turret tool more reliable, no more desyncs
  • Mines take longer to initialize
  • No more instant-propkilling
  • Changed the Speed mode motion blur to use the engine's own instead of the crappy post-processing one
  • Behemoth player is forced to switch class after he dies 10 times and there are other players in his team
  • Decreased round time from 20 to 15 minutes

I expect to update some time next week.

Also, I got a pretty neat idea for a possible Warghoul Master loadout, so we'll see...

All changes except the Behemoth is very nice, but I (and many I have talked to on the server) dont like the max 10 deaths whit behemoth.

Almost every round its spawn camp the first 2-3 mins, and that make you as the behemoth die 4-5 times. And mines also kill you a lot in the start of a round. One of the good things aboute get chosen to be an undead in the start of a round is to be the behemoth. And this make it BAD, if you max can die 10 times. Its best to be the 2nd behemoth, after the mines and the spawn camping.

Its a lot better to make a system who make it possible to die more times if you kill more humans. One kill = 11 deaths, two kills = 12 deaths etc. You need the behemoth to get some achievements, its almost impossible to get 10 kills whitout the behemoth. The behemoth is a kill stealer from heaven.

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