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The Brand-spanking all new Green Banner!

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The soldier was pleased with winning his war against the vile Demoman and the gifts that he recieved were well earned.

But satisfied the Soldier was not. For many months he puzzled around what he had forgotten,

after much thought and recollection it hit him.

He forgot to thank all the Greens for their Contribution Against Him the Demoman, so for many nights he sat working at

his sewing machine and sewed his present for the greens.

A new stylish BuffBanner Featuring The Mr. Green Logo.



Extra credit to Grasshopper And N Phect who were brilliant Guinea Pigs Testers

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Let's say, player skins do work in any server, expect on the sv_pure 2. I bet MrGreen is sv_pure 1, so basically, weapon reskins do not work, they will go back to normal or they go wireframes.


Thats what I mostly get, apart from some exceptions. and sometimes they don't appear at all.

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