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Crowbar's Admin Application

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Gameserver: Gmod Zombie Survival and Gmod Fretta

Age: 16

Country of origin: UK

Link to SteamCommunity profile: deathbycrowbar

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My name is Oscar and I've been with this community for about a year. I used to play ZS until about August last year then became inactive in the community. However, a couple of months ago I started playing ZS again and am now back and active in the community once again. I also now play on the Fretta server regularly.

I think I am fit to be admin because I am very mature, fair and sensible. I play ZS and Fretta usually for at least half an hour a day and now I am always on the IRC when my computer is turned on. This means I will be easy to contact to carry out any necessary duties if I am admin.

I am also well known and respected (I hope :lol:) in the community and on the servers so I would have credibility as an admin.

I also have some experience of being an admin as I briefly rented a small Hl2:DM server a few months ago to get a taste of administrating a server (NB I don't have my own server any more so don't let that stop you picking me).

Anyway I hope you like my application and I hope you choose me to be an admin. Thanks!

Please ask if you require any more info.

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