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Was boring (too much used as an reason) so i made old fashion way 3D picture from TF2 goldrush map, this makes it look it will come out of the monitor, also you can "touch" it. you need those 3D glasses to see it as an 3D (red and blue.) if its good and want more i will make


best parts you can see 3D is rocks (closer) and walls and gates (far) are going "inside" monitor. you need to watch it right, like imagine yourself in there and how would be you watching.

pls comment if some fixing or other stuff. ;)

and i am willing to tell if somebody wants to know how to make these.

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Wait , i go to mall -> cinemacity -> pay 5 euros for the first movie -> steal those 3d glasses -> come backhome and see this picture.

The fact is that nobody owns those glasses. So nobody will see this 3D picture.

The cinema 3D glasses are different to the red-blue glasses.

..and quite a lot of people have a pair of them actually.

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1. they have to be red and blue

2. i dont think those 3D glasses (which lincs are made of glas) dont work, its for different kind of illusion

@Burn: i try. but i need to make new pictures (deleted old ones :()

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we have 3D glasses. i always tried it with counter-strike 1.6 but there wasn't any differents to see.

and maybe (i dunno) you can buy 3D glasses on a valve site or something else (like you can order an headcrap hat :P )

further. that 3D thing with counter-strike 1.6 you go to options and change the mode from OpenGl to 3D.

but 3D has the same performance as software mode. your comp can be very slowly (it doesn't ? lucky for you)

anyway. i will try to find my 3D glasses and test it :D

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