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Making 3D pictures (glass)


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Ok. heres very easy tutorial making 3D pictures, which work with 3D glasses which have colors (red/blue. red/green or red/cyan).

You need: camera (if picture is from real life) and some easy 3D maker (i use AnaMaker)

1.Picture. get 2 pictures, left and right side,

- if you are getting from real life. place camera to solid platform, take first you "left" image, then move camera 4-6cm (space between eyes) to right (dont roll it or anything else) and take other picture

-if you taking from game, like source games, do it like in reality, just remember put HUDs off (r_drawhud 0) and weapons (cl_drawviewmodels 0) so you got clear screen, and when moving from left image to right. just crouch and tap once right button. there you go

2.Making 3D image. open up your 3D program, i suggest AnaMaker. load you images (remeber both one was right and left) and press "make 3D image".

3.Making it better. move your other picture that they are 1. at same hight and 2. not too far from each others. and remember that if you have etc. red/blue selected, red picture is left and blue right. You can also change color types on left.

hope this helped

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Avatar (poor 3D, but it's still 3D) - Anaglyph - Red/Cyan


nice picture. but move pictures little bit closer. you can send me rare picture so i can try :D. something else isnt right there... cant see what

Avatar (poor 3D, but it's still 3D) - Anaglyph - Red/Cyan


This dont work on the glasses i got on Avatar movie :s

they are polarized. you need special monitor to see this, and special program to do this

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