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sentry glitch on koth

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a player on ur koth server is using the sentry glitch. His Steam name and ID is:

"timn" STEAM_0:1:14651155 11:26 160 0

He builds 4 and more sentrys at base and near the point. Is that allowed?

I made a demo of this, but i cant upload it, cause of "Error; you arent permitted to upload this kind of file"!? I tried to make a zip file, but same error..

best regards


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uhh. when i first saw this, someone was spamming dispensers a LOT. then just tookt demoman and BOOM AND MORE BOOMBOOMBOOM lotta points. too bad that green-coins werent working then :D

L4G is just "another" server to someone.

thats true. i think most of the players are randoms, but still why use glitches? of course its fun duh.

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isnt this free world where you can show you thoughts?

No, it isn't, it's what it should be. Now it's a world where these people wanna kill you because they disagree with you.

The world's not like that at all. I'm gonna fucking kill you for saying that.

i think internet is going that way, also disagreing with mafia is bad. Here finland teachers will blame you and give negative weedbacks if you dont show your OWN feelings/thoughts.

but like i said before. I try stand this. :P

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