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A weird problem with my Hammer editor (maybe the whole Source sdk?)

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I managed that after updating my source sdk today, I got an annoying bug, which makes sides black, props colored (black and yellow sometimes), If you choose an entity, it turns invisible in the view. Tryed even refreshing content, but didnt help.

Any ideas? :(

P.S: This is my map that I wanted to show you :) (its for iw (works for zs too)) But this will be in next topic.





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oh dear Ywa.

Go to tools, right click on sdk, there will be some option for properties, then there will be some boxes, click the box that isn't defrag, ( I don't know what it's called you see :P) then put what ywa said (-dxlevel 80) in there and close, then run SDK and hammer, although I Don't think it will work.

I had a similar problem when my graphics card needed an update, once I did it, it was fine again. Also, whatever you're running your settings on, sometimes you need to go back into that game just to reconfigure it.

If not, click the top left box of each window, click whatever setting it needs so it looks fine again (probably unclick wireframe), the camera can stay how it is.

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