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ping problems


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I was in your game and we were suffering some serious console spamming and Mingebagging. I say do not worry, and try again tomorrow. It may have been that someone else in your house was using the Internet. Or something was running in the background like MSN or something.

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Scanned with Norton - no viruses

Scanned with Mcafee - no viruses

Scanned with Avast - 3 trojans and a worm. And they wern't false positives (Google Karna.dat)

Avast ain't the best. It's decent. But not the best.


Also Antivir beat Avast in the latest free virus scanner test.

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I thought i was getting lag on the server but it turned out to be my processor bottlnecking my graphics.My fps were as low as 9/sec using fraps.

I bought a quad core and new main board to make things better and found out it was cool and quiet enabled in my bios that was the problem Doh!!!

Running sweet now and i had a reason to upgrade. :rolleyes:

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