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[ZPV] Major Horrigan

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Yesterday I was playing the left4green zombie panic server, playing as a survivor I was travelling from one part of the map to the other, as I was, someone began to proclaim that a hacker had joined the server. Seconds later [ZPV] Major Horrigan joined the server and a moment later I was under attack by an extremely fast player seemingly no clipping through the map, he managed to kill me and then casually greeted everyone, the kill message read as [ZPV] Major Horrigan I left immediately. I looked up his profile but was shown two accounts with exactly the same name, one of them had personnel info such as country whereas the other one had no profile info at all. The account with no personnel info was the one that was currently playing zombie panic, the other account was off-line. This might just be a second account he made or it could be an impersonator, either way, the account with no personnel info had been used to cheat in-game. I would greatly appreciate if someone would investigate whether this player has done this before and if possible, get him banned.

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Hi guys

I confirm, this player is cheating on the server as I write!

I went to IRC, but the channel is lacking some admins with rights no this specific server to carry the ban task ... and this player is currently griefing 20 people's game.

And we can't vote to get him out.

His steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33331552

I attach the demo of obvious speedhack to this post.

ChassisB, Hitman Jenkins and anyone still reading this thread.

Thank you for reporting!

Next time check IRC, can be a quickfix. Make sure to have a demo of the cheater AND his steam ID.

To do so, open the console (see google on how to access it) and type

record name_of_the_file_you_want

*be the director of the demo, as a spectator*


status <--------- displays output of all players connected with their steamID. Select the cheater's SteamID, or just copy paste the whole output on thread.

Also we need volunteers to apply for admin. It happens here: http://forums.left4green.com/forum/27-admin-applications/



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