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Removing viruses completely is hard (impossible). Format C: is the best way.

I hope you're kidding

Nope. I'm reading this in nearly every german IT forums. (Chip, Computerbild).

Even a free, decent antivirus or removal tool (Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and the above mentioned Trojan Remover) can get rid of your common virusses in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes when I'm really bored, I infect a VM with a sloppy (common) virus to see how long it takes the antivirus to pick it up. This is literally a matter of seconds, even with free programs.

If you have something like a rootkit then yes, it might be time to format everything. A common virus (the ones you find in downloads or on websites) are detected and removed completely within seconds.

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i got warnings about trojan virus. i order to the anti-viruses to delete it. the next day as i went to turn on the pc it wont start :s

the worst thing is that ill lost 50gb of music, tons of important videos and like 10gb of pictures. ffs :S I will prob lost it all -.-

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Removing viruses (trojans) is pain in ass, if you dont have right removal program, you dont do shit with it. Always it makes some code to register or "backup" or sumthin... thats why i hate viruses, they are like HIV, you cant get rid of it, but you can slow it down.

PS: I dont mean every virus is hard to remove, some fu*king trojans are.

PSS: I have re-installed windows 2 times because viruses, and they werent small tiny little pitty things...

I know how you weel... and i VERY sry for you.

Hope you fix it soon. ;)

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Tons of 'important' videos....

And 10GB of porn pictures :V

On my first own pc I got a bad virus, which blocked my pc from booting.A bit like yours.When I press the button, it doesn't boot.That made me changing the pc (I don't remember exactly but I think I got my Dell after this).

If you got the same virus as me there is nothing you can do yourself, you have to change some of the components.

If you don't want to buy a good antivirus, I suggest you 2 tools: Avast (Antivirus) and Zone Alarm (good firewall), there is also Ad Aware that you can add but I don't remember its role.

I have BitDefender 2010 and for now everything is fine (except that it causes fps issues in TF2 when I disable the Game mode).

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