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FatBastard is a small 2D mini-game I created for showing Deluvas a bit more advanced stuff of Delphi (code-language) and TV3D (Game-engine). I created the front-end part in about 7 hours.

The game is playable and works. However, it still misses some features, ugly GUI and has some bugs.

How to play

You play the game using the WASD keys (sorry Azerty users, no other version yet). You control the fat bastard who needs to eat junk food to survive. However, there are also healthy items such as bananas which you really shouldn't eat! If you eat 3 healthy food items after each other, you'll die.

The difficulty increases as you gain weight. Stuff such as enemies (which will instant kill you for example) aren't added yet.

Post your own highscore here and try to beat other ones.


It's about the gameplay. So no screenshots yet.


Latest version: (2th June 2010)

Click here to download

Make sure you run register.bat (AS ADMINISTRATOR!!) at least once before playing.

If you still get an access violation error. Download OpenAL (sound engine) here: CLICK THIS BITCH

Known bugs/problems

  • Collisions sometimes don't fully work.
  • Food items come at waves, shouldn't happen.
  • Make game more difficult and shorter.
  • Access violation when OpenAL isn't installed (create a warning for this).
  • No pause menu

Credits & Thanks to

  • Deluvas - Google'd and editted most icons
  • Mayco - Making the register.bat :)
  • Rockstar Games - Mini-game idea and music stolen from Bully: Scholarship
  • deathbycrowbar - Tried to make some icons too, didn't use them however


However, this game will never be a full mini-game. Since it's mainly for learning Deluvas some of the techniques.

Software copyright Limetric Studios. Powered by Truevision3D and OpenAL.

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Just played it. Now for some comments:

  • All the stuff comes on in very sudden waves. It would be better if it was more consistent as this would make the game more exciting.
  • The game is far to easy at the beginning and doesn't get difficult for a long time. As the game is so simple, you need to make it get difficult quicker to keep the game exciting.
  • Also, it would be cool if the guy actually got larger as you ate more as this would look good and also contribute to the increasing difficulty.

Nice game though and very good for just 6 hours work.

(would have been better with my icons though :P)

Edited by deathbycrowbar
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Ywa, when register.bat is ran in admin. It doesnt stay up for long, but its saying something about not being able to find the files specified.

Dont know if this helps


- Hold shift in the map where the .bat file is located

- Right click, press "Open Command Prompt"

- Type "register.bat" in the prompt and wait for the results


- Add "pause" to the bottom of the bat file, run it and give the results

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When I tried to run Oalist, it found a worm. Now im just scared to run the program :(

And yeah. Graphics error on running the game.

Oalist sounds like a crappy STD. You're the only one who reports it's a false-positive.

If you got a graphics errors. Run register.bat. :)

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