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Peon's TF2 Admin Application

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Hey Guys,

You probably know me as The Lazy Peon from steam. Over the last few years, I have been drawn to the Mr. Green servers. The community is the best bar none that I have ever seen or been a part of. That’s why I’m looking to get involved big time, and become an admin.

I have applied before, but issues about my age and my activity were highlighted. Now, however, I’m 15 ( As of April 2nd) and have spent a lot more time talking to and getting to know you guys on the servers, the forums and on the IRC.

The server I’m applying for is none other than the TF2 group. (Arena, CP and CTF, Payload) I’m fairly well known on TF2 servers and in the community and plan to expand on that. People who know me generally regard me as a fun loving and happy guy. And I usually get quite a few hellos when I join a server.

As for my personality, I enjoy helping people out. ( I am usually the first to advise or point new players in the right direction) and don’t rage. ( Sneed will beg to differ here, but understand that it wasn’t on the Mr. Green servers –but on the excruciating MW2. And maybe a little on Bad Company II. But that’s another story). I enjoy playing the game, and all players playing in different styles. In that way, I’m not bias and don’t judge people for age , gender or experience, but how much a nice person they are.

Admins to me are not just faceless leaders, but people who others can turn to for advice and are always a good laugh. The current Mr. Green Admins are no exception to this, and are constantly talkative and friendly. They are a real inspiration in the fact they are always say hello and are always in that "OH HELL YES!" attitude.

In my opinion, the aim of an admin is to entertain as much as moderate and keep things under control. (That said, I won’t ‘Ravebreak’ and ‘god mode’ every two seconds!).

A little about myself? Well, I have played many games and multiplayer games in my time and understand people very well. My favourite Multi-player game is of course TF2- but i love things like Quake LIVE, Counter Strike, Battlefield and so so many others. I enjoy playing RPGs loads too. WoW, Mass effect, Oblivion... gaming is a real passion to me.

I’m currently at school and have already completed some of my GCSE Modular exams. For my options, I chose History, Sociology, French and ICT. I have lived in England all my life, and thus speak fluent English and (some) French. I’ve also pieced some scraps of German together from abuse hurled at me by Chainsawman and CarPileUp.

I’ve also donated 10 Euros to the Mr. Green crew as thanks for the time they have given me on both ZS and Team Fortress 2.

Apart from playing on my PC, I enjoy playing Rugby (My team want me to play Scrum half- but I refuse, i'll end up being a flanker), socializing with friends and talking on Skype to Sneed and Clavus (when we form the gold squad )

I think that’s about everything. To sum my feelings up, I simply want to get involved in a community that loves gaming. I hope you’ll consider me, but I won’t stop playing if you don’t pick me for an Admin. I love the community too much, That’ll never change.

Thanks again,

I hope to see you around on the server and on the forums.


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