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Adding new convars to servers?

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In the recent update th 10th June one, it introduced 2 new convars:

  • Added "mp_forceautoteam", a server convar that forces all joining players to autoteam.
  • Added "mp_stalemate_meleeonly", a server convar that allows melee weapons only during stalemates.

I personally think that these should be added to the TF2 servers as the stalemate one would be hilarious to see, and also stalemate's happen rarely, usually only on CTF/CP, so when it does happen people would appreciate it and want it to happen more, as many players dont actually melee much in the first damn place.

And with the forceautoteam convar, this would be useful to try to stop so much stacking in Payload & Arena, as many players who are regulars to the server will try and join the team with people they will know and will be able to make that team win ALOT.

If people want to add more reasons why or why not, then feel free, but try not to hurl abuse/troll/flame.

Because I know how much you're all into that :V

Edit: I thought this would be better to not be in the admin only section, as then players get some sort of opinion as to what they would/wouldn't like or want on the servers, and yes I know that I dont own the servers, because otherwise I would be bankrupt in the first month :P)

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