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The World Cup - 6.9 - 7.9 - All Results as the matches are being played :D

First of all,i would ask people not to post anything in here unless i missed a match :D Thank you :P i count myself as the official FIFA Advisor for some odd reason!

Post in the following order below:

1. - Number of game. (1st/2nd) - Half. And also your free to add some info to it like the Goal Scorers and when they were Scored but only in between games :P

1. (1st) RSA 0-0 MEX

1. (2nd) RSA 1-1 MEX

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3. (1st) KOR 2-0 GRE

3. (2nd) KOR 2-0 GRE

4. (1st) ARG 1-0 NGA

4. (2nd) ARG 1-0 NGA

5. (1st) ENG 1-1 USA

5. (2nd) ENG 1-1 USA

Go on Greece! :)

I'm a big fan of my country's team =P

I'll be hooked on this world cup watching almost all matches :)

Btw, it's SKOR-GRE

No its just KOR and north kor = PRK

Yes Because,you cant have more or less then 3 letters for example.

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So todays matches!

6. (1st) ALG 0-0 SVN

6. (2nd) ALG 0-1 SVN

7. (1st) GER 2-0 AUS

7. (2nd) GER 4-0 AUS

8. (1st) SRB 0-0 GHA

8. (2nd) SRB 0-1 GHA

Well,Serbia is playing before Germany but the game number is the last for today weirdly...Anyways,Best luck to all teams,may the best (And Serbia) win :P

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Okays! I now have time to post again! But,i will start from the last 16! except today!

Matches that will decide Group D





"I did not pay attention to home-away teams so....il correct it after the matches :D

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