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Weapons in Arena


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Hey guys, I'm SFAriel and if you have ever played Arena on the Mr Green server then you might recognise me as SFAriel (or whatever Axon renames me to).

A similar thread to mine stated that crits should literally be wiped off the face of this planet. There's just one downside of this. The human element of Team Fortress 2 eventually will find a different gameplay phenomenon to complain about!

But Ariel, what is this phenomenon you speak about?

Weapons ofcourse. Not just a weapon, all weapons!

Whenever someone brings up that crits are horrible, I deliver it further and say that all weapons should be disabled actually.

Won't that eliminate the whole idea of the game?

No it won't. Think about it for a second, what is the biggest problem with TF2? Dieing. Nobody likes it and according to my stats, 99% of deaths in TF2 are caused by nothing else but weapons, the rest is either environmental death, suicide and some noise that my generate-a-stats machine has generated.

Weapons do not belong in Arena. Lets have a tea party instead where we tell tales of the good old times. Don't forget to vote me president in the poll.

Don't forget to join my Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1-888-nowepons

Thank you for your precious attention, be safe.

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Are you actually being serious. Or just trolling.

Look this is my sirs face. <--

Trolls FTW

Do I look like one of them?

its not a troll (i hope) but hey, dumb idea

You better sleep with your eyes open.

Damn...Sp members D:


@BlueYoshi97 (not gonna quote that shit): ah a comedian.

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