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Sorry admins, plz forgive me


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Hai Mr.Green admins!

I was playing a lot of Tf2 on the Mr. Green arena servers before, and I had alot of friends there.

My name was - Purple Hakkin in the end, but was named Hakkin for a long time.

Some of my friends were Botervloot, Norbo and Axon.

I want to apologize for my childish actions and I deserved the perm ban.

It is maybe 6 months since I got my perm ban, and in these 6 months lots have happened.

I just want u to know that if u find it somewhere in u to unban me, I will be very thankful.

I understand now that I've been an really asshole and wanna apologize to you others I've been disturbing.

And to Phect: Thanks for not perm banning me. I've been a dickhead to u a little bit to long.

I don't really know who banned me, but I think it was Botervloot.

I don't know the ban either, but it was before I got Modern Warfare 2, which was in january.

But I remember Phect no-clipped me as a birthday present (January 4th) and I got banned not to many days later.

I won't deserve too many new chances if I get unbanned, but I will be very thankful for only one or two...

I think this was it.

- Purple Hakkin

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I think I wrote a little bit more than I should have...

What I tried to say is that I don't want to be a troll anymore.

I just want to play Team Fortress 2 in mr.Green with my friends, just as a hobby, not as a competition...

And Axon, I won't get pissed off anymore :D

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