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All you IRC dwellers will almost certainly know (and hate) my bot.

I just added an !rtd command. You can help me by giving me some responses for it.

e.g [LOSE] [[nick]]'s house was swallowed by the dice.

Note: If you want to use the persons name just put [[nick]]. In the response, [[nick]] is replaced by the person's name.

Also, you could give me responses for my !attack and !love commands.

Here are some examples

!LOVE: CrowbarBot gifted [[nick]] the entire steam catalogue.

!ATTACK: CrowbarBot crushed [[nick]] with the internet.

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Lose: The dice kicked [[nick]] wich such a power in his balls, he cannot get any children anymore!

Lose: The Dice gave [[nick]] the Adoring Fan!

Lose: The Dice attacked [[nick]] in the weakspot for massive damage!1!1!!!

Lose: The Dice startled the witch, and it killed [[nick]]

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[WIN] [[nick]] found the cure for Superaids!

[WIN] [[nick]]'s e-penis grew a little!

[WIN] [[nick]] got an online-girlfriend that's not a man!

[WIN] [[nick]] found a hat!

[LOSE] [[nick]] got an online-girlfriend that is a man!

[LOSE] [[nick]]'s e-penis shrunk 5 sizes!

[LOSE] [[nick]] got Superaids!

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[LOSE] [[nick]] forgot to put his pants on!

[LOSE] [[nick]] got caught fapping!

[LOSE] [[nick]] made out with his best friends mom! AND SHE WAS UGLY!

[WIN] [[nick]] received the power of the cum-touch!

[WIN] [[nick]] found a "Lucky-Strike!"

[WIN] [[nick]] played Episode 3!

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[WIN] You are the mysterious man who killed Scarface and so now the world is yours!

[WIN] You hit the ?-Block and a Blue Yoshi came out and now you are able to fly!

[WIN] A flying man popped up all of a sudden right next to [[nick]] and [[nick]] said "Fuzzy Pickles" and then the man made a picture of [[nick]] and [[nick]] is very happy with that picture. :)

[LOSE] De Plaaggeest heeft weer toegeslagen!

[LOSE] [[nick]] was planning to stomp a Goomba and from there jump over the lava and kill a Piranha Plant, but his Blue Yoshi ditched [[nick]] mid-air.

[LOSE] [[nick]] was gonna save the world but tripped over a rock and landed badly.

[LOSE] [[nick]] decided it was all too much.

[WIN] [[nick]] banged Esther Baxter. Woohoo!

I love you if you also add the Dutch one.

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