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An Application

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Don't worry folks!

This is not for a Mr. Green server.

I shall explain myself now,

I am wanting to be a prefect at our school which basically means I have the power to bitch slap year 7's :D

And I was wondering if I could have feedback and any modifications needed on the application which I have just written.

Dear teacherperson,

I am writing to you to present myself for the position of prefect at TeamFortress2High.

I believe I would be a very good candidate as I am either on target for my subjects

at school, or above them, so if any new students needed someone who is very familiar

with the school, or just need a role model, I would be the ideal candidate.

Secondly, if you find any teachers who would talk about my behaviour, they would probably say that I am very sensible at times, and can show some great leadership skills and be able to work in a team very well., you would be able to see this in any team building exercise in many lessons. I believe that I can manage responsibility with professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and with a good sense of humour

In school I have helped progress the esteemed Arts status the school has by working with an Artist who came in and we showed her the skills which Selby High posseses. With this we have established a very good reputation with this artist and she now values our School very highly.

I also believe that I am known quite well in my year an most people would recognise who I am.

Lastly, I would take in any improvements that I, or any student would make, and be able to pass on to any senior member of staff or a council member.

I believe that many students have concerns about the school, and I would be happy to pass the message onto any member of staff, or any other prefect/House Captain.

I hope you take my application into consideration, and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Sincerely

(my name hyar)


Disregard the names, I just filled them in as I do not want you to know who I am and where I go to school ;)

+She said the application doesn't have to be too long, so I don't need to write reams and reams.

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I also applied for prefect this year so I'll help you out.

In this letter you should say if:

-You think you're good for the job

-Where you have shows team work skills before ( are you a team player )

-Where you have shown leadership skills ( are you a born leader )

- Have you given time to help the school before ( list examples )

- What you want to improve on or help with ( within the school )

- Detentions, punctuation, Do you try and be polite/kind/helpful...

Hope this stuff helped?

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Include if you can:

-lead by example, demonstrating consistently high expectations of themselves and others. ( kinda more leadership)

-Have shown a continued commitment to academic success in line with their ability

-Can manage responsibility with professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and good humour

-Are self-motivated, proactive and a reliable team member

-Say if you get on well with other pupils in the same year and other years. ( are you a peoples person etc.)

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