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Glory Hole Theme Park.

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Coming Soon to Glory Hole Theme Park!


1: Tiger Looking At The Sun!

Ride Music:


Are you feeling stressed sometimes too? Take control of your body and start doing Tai Chi. You don't believe in inner spirits? Take a ride on the upcoming attraction in GHTP: Tiger Looking At The Sun!

It's been almost 100 years since the first Chinese person set foot in Holland so to celebrate, we want you to feel like an Asian magician! Because hey, Glory Hole Theme Park is a place for Magic!


2: Fata Morgana - Part 4!

Ride Music:


You have nothing with Asian culture? No problem! Search your North-African roots in this amazing voyage. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of San Andreas, and let all your worries float away from you.

No stress allowed on this trip. Next to the entrance to the ride, is a shop where you can buy medicine against stress. Be sure to buy some! And hey, you know Glory Hole Theme Park is all about Magic and Adventure, right?

3: De Nachtbaan (Shark-A-Nine Shore)!

Ride Music:


You are more the booze-drinking tough guy? No worries! This ride has bigger seats just for fat chaps like you! Take a wild journey over the stormy seas that you will never forget! This ride gives you so much adrenaline, you could jump to the moon!

This ride is only accessible between 11 PM and 3 AM. The Moon watches you as you are taking the most thrilling time of your life. Thrilling from joy of course! You guessed it, this is where the Adventure part comes in!


We hope to see you soon!

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