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Nazi Zombie Sound Replacement Pack

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Recently Ive made a Nazi Zombies Sound Replacement pack currently only for the Headcrab Zombies. Also with some alterations to Mr. Greens sound selections. Such as. When the supply box moves it plays the "Round_Over.wav" from nazi zombies as demonstrated in this video.

You can download the pack here >>> DOWNLOAD

Also. In Two Weeks, im releasing zs_DarkWaters as I promised Ywa about a year ago when I was Brotherhood23 :P

DarkWaters is a map where the survivors spawn in a wooden hut that has been barricaded from the inside. Zombies rise from the swamp waters outside and have to break the barricades to get to the survivors inside. While survivors have to break obstacles in the way as a team, while others are defending to get to new rooms w/ the Supply Crates. I will release media for the map this week when I finish the water texture. It glitched for some odd reason. Enjoy the pack and have a wonderful day!

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Hah, EPIC!

Really like the work you put into this, must have taken a while finding the sounds. (I LOVED THE JUSTIN BEIBER PART, laughed my ass off.)

I'm downloading this, can you maybe add some replacement sounds for the rest of the zombies?

Will Do. Already working on it

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