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The problem is, i'm a noob at making videos so if anyone can explain me what program to use and how to make compilation, that would be great :>

I use the in-game demo recorder to record whenever i feel like i'm going to make some killing blows (record demo_name and then playdemo demo_name in console). After this, i use Wegame Recorder (http://www.wegame.com/ - make an account here and download it) to record both sound and video from game demo. Make sure you have lot of free space on your hard-drive, because Wegame records better than fraps, almost no fps loss, and the file size is smaller too - 10 minutes around 900 mb.

After recording the raw video, download and install Sony Vegas 9 (i use platinum edition - make sure it has factory plugins too). Then, if you wanna install more plugins, you can download more from oDc/dc++, whatever. After you've installed the program, watch this instructional video (it helps very much :D) ->

(his version is 7 i think, but its no big difference ;) ). When you've added effects/text to video, compile it in HD (see the instructions RoBoRobb gave too me, while i was making that movie of mine). Then upload it to youtube, and if resolution is right, it should recognize as HD and we'll see the video on the widescreen resolution youtube offers.

PS : Delete song info (Album, Author etc) before adding the mp3 in Sony Vegas, because youtube checks for it and mutes it.

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thx for wegame, never heard of it before and i really searched hard for a good one.

i found these, but gamecam wouldn't work on steam and with streammygame i couldn't control the recording, it would record all the time i joined a game until i quit the program:

www.streammygame.com [my brother is betatester

there :) ]

www.planetgamecam.com [got this acc for free]

Fraps [records way to big for me]

p.s.: they are good for most of the games except steam related ;)

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