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Extreme Pong

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Pong game I made in 2 days. You lose if the ball goes past you even once. See how much you can score and how far you can get!

Controls: move mouse up and down to control the right bar.

Download here.



^ Try to beat that score.

There's a way to keep in the ball even at the most impossible moments. The trick to that will come to you naturally at some point, trust me.

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"Could find openal32.dll"

Help with this?

Running Vista 32-bit

Edit: working.

Edit: Great game with good difficulty :D Damn that Extreme mode (or what its called when game speeds up) is brilliant idea

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I don't think Clavus will like seeing hiw own topic being locked, but, just a simple forum rule that forbids bumping if it's a useless post that comes months after a topic was meant to be dead or inactive.

And in that case the concerned post could possibly be removed, and trigger a warning?

But not the thread. The topic should stay if it has some important info... oh yes. The forums that REALLY need removing topics are 'The Rest of World' and 'Announcements'.

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