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A Zombie Survival? In my web browser?

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Right, I've been working a few hours on a long tutorial for you guys, let me show you the game Hordes.

First of all, if you understand very well french you're not obliged to read everything as the game is easily understandable for you, the others (means 99.9% of you) read this tutorial:

What is Hordes?

Hordes is a french community game that places you in a random city, there you have to survive against zombie assaults.

But wait ,this is not a fps with OP howlers or whatsoever, this is RPG-ish.

The most important thing is that,I repeat it, it's a community game.

You have to join your forces to other players to defend your city against the zombie attacks.

Basically there are 2 times in this game:

-The day, where you get your water ration, build your defenses, explore the Underworld...

-Midnight, when zombies charge the town.And there what you've done during the day will be used during the attack, that means the defenses you built with the others, the projects and so on...

So, let's start the serious things.

This is the starting point:


A) How do I create an account?

Ok, if you followed the indications on the picture, just click on "Je veux rejoindre Hordes!".

You're arriving here:


Fill the boxes (read what I've written in them), tick the agreements blabla, tick the I confirm I'm 13 years old or older and click on "Rejoindre la communauté" (join the community).

*For "Pseudo du parrain" it's the name of the guy that invited you to join the game, add me if you want: Spectrom

B ) The menus, what you need to know

You are here:


This is the main page, each time you start a new you game you goes on it, you can go there whenever you want as well.

Let's have a look at the Soul Menu


*For the cities and number of days, that corresponds to the cities where yo'uve been playing of course.

Ok, get back to the main menu now, and click on "Jouer" (play).

You have this screen:


Follow the indications (you can only choose "join a random town"), then you're here:


(same thing, you can only choose the basic character as you need to pay to play with classes)

Once you selected the character, scroll down and press the button.

Next page:


This is the "home" page of your city, the newspapers is empty when you first join the city, it's filling with events, attacks and such things like that, it's not really important for now.

Click on "retour au site".


So, have a look at the indications

Alright, now we are on the important page, the one where you can access all your stuff.

C)The gameplay, the management

Well, we're going to see the different elements of the important page, they are all important (but some are more important than the others), let's have a look at all of them:

The House

This is your house:


There are 6 important elements on this page.

> The Inventory: There you can carry a maximum of 4 items, you should always keep a free slot for your water bottle, as you're going to often leave the city(but we'll see that after). Note that you can see your inventory at any time, whether you're in your house or not.

> Under the Inventory this is your Vault, you can stock 4 items in it.I don't remember exactly, but I think that other guys can steal your items in your house, so avoid stocking too much important items in it.

> The events/actions "register" (let's call it like that even if register has a different meaning for you, it's jsut that I'm lazy to translate :V )

>In the "mes actions" sub-menu you can open items like boxes, food boxes etc.You can also use specific items.(this menu, as the inventory, is available almost everywhere).

*Note that your inventory contains 2 default items when you start a new game, a Citizen's stuff which contains a random item, often a battery, and a Doggy Bag (food bag).

> The "travaux" submenu (not highlighted but it's the menu on top of the text in the blue area, with a house icon)


In this sub menu you are able to upgrade your house (as it's meant to be a "defense" against the zombie attacks), all the upgrades require a certain amount of AP (action points), and resources (planks,steel etc), the first upgrade is almost free (you upgrade it to a Tent, it costs you 1 AP ).

The Well


I forgot to put the name next for the well but I think the icon is easy to understand (it's the "Puits" icon, on top right hand corner, next to the house).

This is the most important place of the game, with the Bank.

Everyday you have to get your Water Ration, you can only get 1 per day and you shouldn't trade it or sell it for anything in the world, and you musn't waste it, it's one of the only things that are able to restore your AP (action points) so don't lose it!

You can see the number of rations left (as everyone has to get his daily ration it's not eternal).

Note that water is used against zombies (they dread pure water, it's ammo for water pistols).

The Bank


This is the other most important place of the game.

Here you are able to deposit or withdraw items, but the thing is that it's not a bank for you alone (you already have the vault for this), here it's the community bank, which means that everyone can put his items or take items from other players.

What you should do: Ask people if they need a specific item, or just make sure what you're going to do won't ruin the surviving goal(for example if you take all the wood planks people won't be able to build barricades so they'll have to go outside and explore the underworld, and it will waste APs each time they'll have to get out).

What you shouldn't do: Pick all the items and waste them; use essential items for your own need (don't forget that you're not alone); steal items and keep them (a gun is probably a precious item so once you're running out of ammo drop it in the bank so someone else can use it if he finds ammo).

Inhabitants list


Not very useful but it's still good to know if people are doing efforts or not.

The workshop/site


This is the place where your ressources are the most important.

Here, with the help of the other players, you can build the defenses of your city.

You can build things like a Gate, reinforced walls, watchtowers, radars etc...

There are 2 steps in the construction of something:

1) Gathering the ressources: As you can see, some of the constructions are still in need of specific ressources, once the required amount of ressource is complete you have an "ok" next to its icon.

2) Participating in the construction: Once all the ressources had been gathered, players are invited to participate in the construction by giving an AP (action point), you can also Invest APs in the construction (I haven't done this yet, it seems to be a new option, I don't know if it gives items or something), the number of needed AP is indicated, and once the AP bar is full the construction is over.

As you can see, some of the building have a "Defense score", this score, when it's added with houses' score and other things, make a global defense score (the more you have, the longer you resist against the zombies).

Note that sometimes, some projects (the buildings if you want) can be destroyed during a zombie attack, so you'll have to help again to build it.

The Door


This is the place where you can leave your city for a certain time, to go to the Underworld (where you can get items, fight zombies etc).

You can leave alone or in group (expedition).

You can also close the door, which will cost you a AP, and I advice you to not touch it until midnight since it's useless to do it in the day,as zombies can't attack your town.

Remember that the door MUST be closed before the zombie attack, otherwise you're all dead :V

You can see there is a map with little squares, these are areas.

Clear green squares (like the ones next to the town) are empty of zombies, they are safe, and you can maybe find an item with a bit of luck.

Green-yellow squares count maybe a zombie or two, or a bit more.

Red Squares= Hordes, there are more zombies, this is very risked.

Other squares are unexplored so might have more chances to find an item (or fall on a horde)

When you've entered the Underworld, that's what your map becomes:


Here you can see the amount of people.

If you click an arrow you'll move for a square in that direction (a square if you refer to the global map, before leaving the town).Each movement makes you lose 1 AP.

When you're on the city square, you can come back at the town by clicking on "Entrer en ville"; on any square, as I said more above, you can still access your inventory, and your actions, some of them consume an AP, if I remember well (like firing a gun).

Remember, I said that you should always keep your Water Ration, the reason is that when you're in the Underworld you run very fast out of AP, and using your water ration restores all your AP.

When you're moving in a direction ,it indicates how much AP you need to go back to the town so you should calculate your movements to not stay outside before midnight.

I forgot an important thing about the zombies...Your character has a value of 2 points, if there is for example another human in the same square as yours, it makes 4 points.Zombies have a value of 1 point each.If you are alone, with 3 zombies, you're trapped!

(then, you have to count following what I just said, with the point counter).

When you're trapped you have some solutions:

-You can escape but it will cause you a hard wound (that you'll have to heal otherwise it will be infected and you'll die)

-You can fight them, this costs 1 AP per attack and has a low chance to success, depending of the weapon you have).

-Request help on the forums so someone will probably come and help you (or not, sometimes they're nasty bitches).

This is more detailled in the help section of the site of course.

About the status, I haven't explained it yet, but there is a screenshot where I mentionned Status (drugged, hungry etc).

The status corresponds to your health status/mental status.

It can be affected in different ways.

As I mentionned the Hard Wound, it is a hard status, and you can heal it to make this status disappear.

There are different status: Wounds, mental sickness, happyness/sadness (linked to the use of drugs, yeah you can take drugs, it can heal but it causes you mental problems), hunger, sleep etc...

Also, how I died in a stupid way:


I haven't drink water for a loooooooooong time so my character died :V

To try to find items, click on "fouiller la zone" , you can find something as you can find nothing.You can drop items as well if your bag is full.

Short help:

AP=Action poins>> PA in french

Water restaures all your AP,use with caution

Don't act in a bad way with the bank stuff

Human= 2 points, Zombie=1 points, don't forget this.

Help with the constructions by giving resources/stuff.

Don't forget to close the door before midnight, and make sure everyone is in the city and not outside.

So yeah I hope you understood my tutorial, it's not perfect but as the game doesn't exist in english, yet, it's still useful for you.

If you have any questions ask here/PM.

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