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Counter Strike: Source + connection issues.

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I've tried suggestions and Google so I'm finally just gonna make a topic here and hopefully save myself some time.

All of a sudden, in the past two days, everytime I join a server I'm getting extreme amounts of lag and my ping is going to 500+. This is obviously causing me to freeze every two seconds, which as you may know, makes playing (especially Surf) extremely difficult, nigh unplayable.

Whenever I join a server, (single player is fine) - My internet literally dies, rendering me unable to use it for the next 5-10 minutes. I was just wondering how would I go about fixing this issue, as I'm unable to play CS:S at the moment due to it. It doesn't do it with any other games, and it's only just started happening in the past two days.

Note, I don't believe it's anything to do with the update, as I've played fine with it up until now.

(I've just played on my own for a while and there's not been a single bit of lag, I joined the Surf server and my ping jumped straight to 500)

Thanks in advance.

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Fix: Rename counter-strike source, folder from Steamapps/your-username, to something else.

You'll lose some custom settings and shit. But atleast you can play again (worked for NPhect and I).

Another temp fix: Join via the servers link on the left4green.com main website, it tends to only happen upon normal launch and listing servers. Its like killing floor.

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