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Mr. Green Gaming

plz unban me

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Please set out your troll appeal like this

1. Your troll name

2. Date of your trolling

3. Who you trolled (only if you know who)

4. Reason why you troll (only if you know why)

5. Reason why we should untroll you

There is something odd about that appeal.

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I pledge that if I am unbanned I will never fuck with Mr. Green again.


Edit: If he wants an unban. He can protest it here.

My protest: I'm giving you an opportunity to remove me permanently from your servers are you refuse it? Why?

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Because you're permabanned. Perma stands for permanent, and not "LOL I BLACKMAIL THEM AFTERWARDS SO I CAN HAPPY PLAYYYY".


Commencing ban in a few minutes.

I was permanently IP and SteamID banned twice. Also stop locking my threads, kid.

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