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Garry newman??? In zs??? True or false?

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Today, around 16:00 o'clock gmt a guy named "Garry" was in the server. I got the achievement "Are you the real garry", something that happened to all people. But "garry :D" which is the name of real garry, was offline. I got a screenie of achievement and a screenshot of him.

Was it true, or false. Real garry, or hacker? In IRC no one believed me. I don't believe it too, because when I left Gmod I didnt have the achievement. He might be a hacker.

Mayco wanted proof. Here it is.



In zs:


What the hell?

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Steam id script or something ask himself.

I bet the real Garry wouldn't write to me on friends "shhhhhhh don't tell them" and he was in Brainwashers+EO Group wich totally showed of who he was.

-Internet Detective

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